Cattle have been -used for packing in this country to very good advantage. They are slower than horses, but carry about the same amount, and, if carefully used, will fatten on the road and sell readily to the butchers at the end of -the journey. Horses could be sold at Glenora, probably, though this is a risk.

It is estimated that horses will cost about thirty dollars at Ashcroft; and each man will require one saddle horse and two Pack horses. He is then his own master, and expenses thereafter will be light. It is estimated that $200 would enable a man to go through from Ashcroft to Teslin Lake, but no one should undertake the journey with less than $500 in hand.


Of seaport routes there are six: one by way of St. Michaels, three by way of Lynn Canal, one by way of the Stikine River, and one by way of Taku Inlet. Of these, the longest, safest, and most leisurely is that by way of St. Michaels. It carries the miner by steamer from San Francisco, Portland, Tacoma, Seattle, or Victoria to the mouth of the Yukon, thence by river steamboat direct to Dawson City and other gold fields. The fare by this route ranges from $150 to $300, and includes meals and berths, and the free transportation of 150 pounds of baggage. The excess baggage charge on a miner’s outfit is about ten cents per pound. There are no hardships connected with this method of reaching Dawson City; but it is slow. It is more than 4,000 miles to Dawson from Seattle, and as the ice does not go out of the middle river until June, the miner will not be able to reach his mine before winter begins to return.

Lynn Canal is a long narrow, arm of the sea which runs deep into the high mountains of the Alaskan coast, not far from the town of Juneau. It is, in fact, a deep, narrow chasm or cañon between the mountains, into which the Chilkat and the Chilkoot rivers empty. At this point the tide waters and the head waters of the Yukon are but twenty-five or thirty miles apart, and because of that fact three trails already lead across the divide. Lynn Canal will undoubtedly he the best known entry point on the Alaskan coast. Here is situated the town of Shkagway, which already contains 2,000 inhabitants and will be a city by the first of April. From here the Chilkoot Pass, White Pass, and Dalton trails severally make their start.

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