*From letters of the committee sent out to report to the Spokane “Spokesman” on the condition of the trail; and also from letters of A. L. Poudrier, Dominion Land Surveyor. The word “trail” means a narrow path, admitting only footmen or horses in single file.

**As far as possible, the spelling of proper names adopted by the American Geographical Society is followed in this article.

***The information here given regarding this route is derived from the advance sheets of a special report to the Dominion Government. For the privilege of using this report, I am indebted to the courtesy of the Hon. Clifford Sifton, Canadian Minister of the Interior.

****There are various estimates of the length of this trail; the one given above is official. The trail is to be much shortened.

*****From an interview for McCLURE’S MAGAZINE.

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