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The Hidden Knowledge Family of Websites

Hidden Knowledge, publishers of electronic books, sponsors this website as a goodwill gesture. We hope that people will like what's here and help support it by buying our e-books.

We also sponsor two other non-profit websites besides this one. The first is MagazineArt.org, a site devoted to the history of cover art on (mostly American) magazines of the period 1850-1920. There are several hundred megabytes of cover images there already; go check it out.

Our second non-profit site is a tribute to travel lecturer and writer Burton Holmes. Between the late 1890's and the early 1950's he revolutionized the way we think about travel and its popular appeal.

Recently we began providing free hosting for the Rafael Sabatini enthusiasts, at RafaelSabatini.com. They provide all of the content; we just provide a place for them to hang out. If you like Sabatini's brand of swashbuckling adventure, you owe it to yourself to visit the site. [Hidden Knowledge publishes a bunch of Sabatini books in electronic form, but we don't have any control over their site.]

Please visit our other sites and enjoy them! Tell your friends about them, too.

Most recent update: 20 October 2003.

This website is sponsored by Hidden Knowledge, publishers of electronic books.
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Direct Links  
  > Christmas in
   Bethlehem, 1896

> Christmas in
   Switzerland, 1921

> Walk Africa, from
   Cape to Cairo, 1898

> Christmas at the
   101 Ranch, 1908

> Exploring Central
   Asia, 1897

> Klondike Gold
   Rush, 1897

> New York to
   Georgia by
   Car, 1908

> Vladivostok,

> H. Rider Haggard on
   The Nile River, 1908

> Christmas in
   Munich, 1908

> New Boston 
   Public Library,

> Algiers, 1892
> Trans-Siberian

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