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Legal Notices

As far as we know we have the right to look at these pages, and to present them to you for your education and illumination. See our Copyrights page for further info.

Nothing on this website gives us any rights over you and likewise nothing gives you any rights over us. If you think we've done something we shouldn't have done, let us know and we'll attempt to put things right.

To the best of our knowledge all of the content presented here is rated "G" and may be viewed by participants of all ages. Similarly, our background notes and essays are presented with the best of intentions and do not intentionally incorrectly denigrate, deprecate, or libel any persons, living or dead; if we have erred we will endeavor to correct our errors as assiduously as possible.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Eighty or a hundred or a hundred-fifty years ago, cultured people thought nothing of writing articles and essays with implicit or explicit racism, sexism, ethnic slurs and stereotypes, and the like. These often seem totally outrageous and unacceptable to us today, but we need to consider the environment in which these pieces were originally created. In some cases we have added sidebar discussions of the piece; and in a very few edited the text slightly so as to indicate the presence of a slur without actually using the specific terms of the slur itself.

Let us reiterate: we're doing our best to provide information, and conflict is not our thing; what we really want to do is provide the best information we can about as much of this field as possible.


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> Tent-camping in
   India, 1904

> Christmas in
   Bethlehem, 1896

> Christmas in
   Switzerland, 1921

> Walk Africa, from
   Cape to Cairo, 1898

> Christmas at the
   101 Ranch, 1908

> Exploring Central
   Asia, 1897

> Klondike Gold
   Rush, 1897

> New York to
   Georgia by
   Car, 1908

> Vladivostok,

> H. Rider Haggard on
   The Nile River, 1908

> Christmas in
   Munich, 1908

> New Boston 
   Public Library,

> Algiers, 1892
> Trans-Siberian

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