People and Places

People and Places

People and Places—new experiences, people to talk to, things to look at, the basic underlying impulse of travel.

Pardon me, have we met?

NEW FOR CHRISTMAS! Spend Christmas 1907 on Oklahoma's famous 101 Ranch. (From TRAVEL MAGAZINE for December, 1908.) Christmas in Bethlehem in 1896, from ST. NICHOLAS (a magazine for young people), December 1896 issue. Christmas Customs in Switzerland in 1921, also from ST. NICHOLAS.

NEW! H. Rider Haggard writes about The Modern Nile River (1908). Famous for his fiction; a bit of travel writing by a man who's been there. (Remember to put your white-man's burden boots on; he's a bit of a colonialist.)

Algiers, 1892: In 1892 Morocco was still something out of the Arabian Nights. MUNSEY'S MAGAZINE published this little trip report in their May issue, complete with obligatory snips about the unenlightened natives and the difficulties of dealing with camels. But in there also are plenty of interesting bits about the country and its people, long before the internet and terrorism and global warming were our daily newspaper stock in trade. Let's go take in a few "Scenes in Algiers".

Boston, 1896: Something more a bit more sedate? Like to read books? How about a visit to the fabulous new building of the Boston Public Library, as described in SCRIBNER'S MAGAZINE in 1896.

Munich/München in Germany/Deutschland, 1908: "Christmas-Tide in Munich" from TRAVEL MAGAZINE for December, 1908. All-text description of the times and sights of the season, a hundred years ago.

Rome, Italy circa 1900 and earlier: photographs from travelers' guidebooks and John L. Stoddard's book covering Rome; paintings by Canaletto and Bellotto of famous real and imaginary vistas and landscapes. Some of this is for real and some is for fun.

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