Burton Holmes on the Trans-Siberian Railroad: Contents by Chapter

Burton Holmes on the Trans-Siberian Railroad


Chapter 1: Of Russia, and Trains

Chapter 2: Across Western Russia

Chapter 3: Our Train to Asia

Chapter 4: Trainside Vendors

Chapter 5: Emigrants

Chapter 6: Fellow Passengers

Chapter 7: All Aboard!

Chapter 8: Irkutsk

Chapter 9: To Lake Baikal

Chapter 10: The Lake Baikal Branch

Chapter 11: Trans-Baikalia Toward Mongolia

Chapter 12: Streyetensk and the Shilka

Chapter 13: Toward Home

From here you can also go to a short biographical note on Burton Holmes and his travelogues, or to a discussion of how this project came about and how it is being implemented, or to a page of links to further information on the railroad itself. I recommend reading these three in the order I just gave, but you can go anywhere you want, whenever you want. That's freedom, isn't it? Have a great trip!


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