Special Projects

This is the Link page for our Special Projects. There are things we want to talk about in all their many details, in ways that don't fit into the kinds of categories we've set up on the Home Page. TravelHistory.org started years ago with pages on the Trans-Siberian Railroad, and you can still read these pages. It's a Special Project. It includes a 1901 trip across Siberia, described by famous traveler (and travel writer and lecturer) Burton Holmes.

We're working on some special collections of articles and other things related to Worlds' Fairs and expositions, and we'll link to these when they go live.

We got interested in explorer and lecturer Burton Holmes, partly as a consequence of reading and putting up on the web his trip on the Trans-Siberian. Before we knew it we were sponsoring a tribute site to Holmes and his work. (That's actually separate from TravelHistory.org, but it's driven by the same impulses.)

We reserve the right to start up other Special Projects, too.

Created 10 November 2003; most recent update 6 June 2011.