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would be derived from a larger use of tents, whether used in hunting or in the mere seeking of recreation. Of course there is art in the pitching of the canvas home, and in the keeping out of rain-water at its base, as also in the proper driving of the tent-pegs. But what is nicer than the little closed abode at night, when the lamp has been lighted and the modest table spread, while a turf or wood fire smoulders to leeward under the singing kettle, and the sweet night air bathes all?

Moreover, if the elaborate equipment of Indian tent-life cannot be commanded in the United States, nor that full freedom of the open jungle which, in the cold season, is like the boundless liberty of the ocean-since it is all ready-made road-there are compensations. While you have the rattlesnake and some other venomous kinds, they are comparatively rarely met with, and there is not the danger as there is in India of finding a venomous snake beneath your pillow, or a scorpion in your slipper.

Most confidently do I recommend to all who love nature and the open, to try a trip along a well-chosen line of march on foot or with some vehicle in a breezy, happy fashion, which will make them independent of villages and lodging-houses.

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